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Meow Monday: Miss Tali

Last week we had to say goodbye to our sweet Tali bear, the best friend and shadow ever.

We adopted Tali in 2010, when we were still newlyweds living in MS. She traveled the country from MS to CA to TN and was the sweetest, most patient cat her entire life. Especially after Amelia arrived, she stuck close to her side all day long. After Cora passed away suddenly two months ago, Tali stopped eating as often and we chalked it up to grief, but when her appetite didn’t return we finally took her to the vet right before the Thanksgiving holiday. She had a tumor and thyroid problems, but we couldn’t start medication until we returned from out of town. When we got back home, we could immediately see a huge difference in her appearance and it was so sad to see her moving so slowly, although she could still purr loud enough to hear across the room. After a few days on the new medication with no improvement, Sam took her to the vet one last time and they confirmed that the cancer had spread. We made the sad decision to say goodbye, and now our house is empty of cat companions. Tali was the best furry friend, and we will miss her!

A walk down memory lane…












RIP Tali Cat


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