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Merry and Bright Cross Stitch Cube Finish

I clearly remember finishing this Merry and Bright cross stitch pattern one cold January afternoon in the haze of life with a newborn while Amelia napped for a rare four-hour stretch. I never knew if I’d have a couple minutes or a couple hours, but any time to myself was a luxury. Almost a year later, I finally have a fully finished object! A lot has changed in a year but I love how projects like this one remind me of where I was while working on it.

The pattern is from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (or course), and you can see my post about finishing the pattern here.

I found the perfect fabric that brings in pink, red, and adorably retro presents and ornaments for the back, and I gathered a few sparkly glittery doodads but ended up keeping it simple with ribbon, pom poms, and a tinsel bow (made by my friend Emily!).

I really love how it turned out!




This finish is the latest in a string of standing cubes. Standing cubes are my new favorite way to finish a cross stitch because it only requires a few supplies, they’re quick to assemble, all the applique pins can be taken out if I ever decide to re-finish it later, and it’s different and less expensive than the usual frame on the wall.

Previous standing cube finishes:


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I’m linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish Friday.


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