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Santa’s Gifts for a One Year Old

This is Amelia’s second Christmas, but since she was only two months old last year, we didn’t even think about putting any presents under the tree. I was more worried about keeping a baby fed, clothed, and alive… and hopefully managing a daily shower for myself.

Ah, the newborn life!

This year, Amelia still has no concept of Santa or Christmas, and we didn’t even take out the tree this year, but I couldn’t resist buying a few presents. It’s just so much fun to see her interact with new things, even if she’s more interested in the box or wrapping paper than the actual toy!

I’ve picked up a couple things here and there, but for the main presents I’ve been adding toys and books and clothes to our Amazon baby registry (yep, still using it!). During our date night last Friday (thanks, Grandmom & Grandpop!), Sam & I decided on a budget and ordered everything. It’s so much fun to play Santa!

Here’s what Santa is bringing Amelia, at 14 months old:


If you’ve got a one-year-old in your life, here are a few gift ideas!

Click on the photos for a direct link to the product, if you’re interested (Full disclosure: this post is not sponsored at all, but I use affiliate links to receive literal pennies if you purchase something through the link).

This is Amelia’s big gift that I think she’ll love! She is still cautious when it comes to walking on her own, but she will toddle around with her walker, and she loves putting things in and out of baskets, so I think this will be a big hit. There are other more “stylish” carts around, but I wanted one that would be really sturdy since she’s still learning to walk.


Amelia loves opening and closing things like wallets, boxes, packages, lift-the-flap books, etc., so these puzzles seem right up her alley. One of these will go in our luggage since it’s easy to pack and will be something new to play with both at the condo and on the airplane ride.

I love the Melissa & Doug puzzles because they’re solid, well-constructed, and all the same size. We already have a starter collection of puzzles thanks to a friend’s yard sale, so this rack will help keep them corralled!

These look perfect for little baby hands. Can’t wait for Amelia’s first arts and crafts projects!

I love collecting books that feature Amelia’s name, so I couldn’t resist this board book about Amelia Earheart!¬†Unfortunately it’s on backorder (sad face) so it will arrive after the holidays.

Amelia loves her Youtube videos, so we found this headphone band for the plane ride that will keep the volume at an age-appropriate level. I’m a little skeptical about her keeping it on, but I think she’s too young for traditional headphones, so we’ll see!

The other big gift that Amelia is getting this year from her grandparents is a ball pit! We looked at a few different pop-up tents to contain the balls but it will be a surprise to see what arrives. A few friends have these balls at play dates, and Amelia was a big fan!

Thanks to Amazon and two-day shipping, packages began arriving almost immediately, and I’m going to a little wrapping party with friends tomorrow night. Since we’ll be away from home next week, I’m going to fit just one or two of the small items in our luggage, but everything else will wait until we come back home. I’m sure our traditions will change in the years to come, but this is what works for this year.

I hope your gift-giving is all wrapped up for the season!



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