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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress!

Sandy Orton Summer Sampler

After a week away, I am happy to get back to this one! Especially now that it’s September, the days of summer are dwindling and I’m thinking of coming to a stopping point so I can start the Autumn Sampler on the first day of Fall.

I’m still working on the sunflower and making progress one stitch at a time.


Black Hat Society Mystery SAL

Another new Frosted Pumpkin pattern I couldn’t resist. I’m not the biggest Halloween fan, but with Amelia’s October birthday it’s growing on me… plus, I love making holiday decorations that I can bring out each year. I bought the recommended fabric, but for once I actually had all the floss colors on hand without needing a trip to the store!

The first clue was released last week, with the second one coming in mid-September. This one is kitted up and ready to start stitching… I just need to find the time.

And that’s about it!


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