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Meow Monday: A Baby’s Best Friend

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with the kit cats! Amelia tends to steal the show around here, and the amount of photos on my camera roll that feature the cats have dwindled. But as Amelia gets more mobile, she’s interacting with the cats more and more, and of course it’s super cute!


It’s safe to say that we can thank Tali for motivating Amelia to start crawling! I don’t think Amelia saw the point of crawling until she realized that it could get her closer to the cats.


Tali likes the attention, and Amelia is becoming more gentle now that she can pat instead of grab fur.


Even tolerant Tali has her limits, but when she’s had enough, she moves about two feet away, and Amelia promptly crawls after her; then Tali moves another two feet away, and Amelia crawls after her again. This pattern is repeated until Amelia loses interest… it’s pretty funny to watch!


We may soon have the cats to thank for Amelia’s first word too! Every time she sees one of the cats, she says an emphatic “Dah!” and we’re pretty sure she’s trying to say “cat.” It may be wishful thinking on our part, but I swear it’s a specific sound that she only makes when she sees them!


Cora keeps her distance for the most part, and I’m OK with that. She’s still unpredictable enough that Amelia will have to learn that she can look but not touch. I dread the day that Cora uses her claws, so for now I’m just trying to keep them apart.

In other cat-related news, we recently had a photographer from our neighborhood magazine stop by to take photos of the cats for a “Precious Pets” feature, so I’ll be sure to share the article when it’s published! (I’m definitely aware of how ridiculous that sentence is, but I’m still tickled!)

Who knows… maybe Meow Monday will make a comeback 🙂


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