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No Mess Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

Here we are and I haven’t done anything for the holiday other than the bare minimum for preschool (add some valentines to the grocery pickup order + find the same sock hop dress from last year!) and clean the house for a play date we’re hosting tomorrow. If you need a craft for tomorrow and you’re in the same boat as me (AKA haven’t had time to go to the craft store and you’ve missed the Amazon delivery deadline), never fear! I went to  my own blog archives to see what I could do with the supplies I already have on hand. I just don’t have the time (or energy) for elaborate crafts that involve paint and glue and mess!

I DO have time for a quick story so I set out our valentine collection by the dining table and we’ve been enjoying a few every day.

Here’s what we’ve been reading:

In My Heart, by Jo Witek

My Love is Like a Zoo, by Michael Hall

Plant a Kiss, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

The Biggest Kiss, by Joanna Walsh and Judi Abbot

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!, by Laura Numeroff

I Love You, Spot, by Eric Hill

Romeo and Juliet: A Counting Primer, by Jennifer Adams

So here’s a quick roundup of mess-free valentines we’ve made in the past few years. Tomorrow I’m cutting out some hearts and letting the kiddos go crazy with stickers and stampers. I’ll have some construction paper and scissors if the adults want to trace hands… and voila! Memories made.

For more ideas…Check out my Pinterest board of Baby Valentine ideas here


Just look at that sweet three-month-old nugget!

In 2014 I made these valentines using my own hand – but it would be ever cuter with a child’s handprint. (Click here or on the photo for the original post.)


Trace, cut, glue, done!

If you need more simple, no-mess valentine ideas, check out this post or click on the photo below!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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