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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I’m sharing another weekly peek at my current works in progress.

Oh Christmas Tree Cross Stitch

A new start! It feels a little early to be starting on a holiday project… but let’s be honest, I probably won’t even finish it in time. So far I love the monochromatic look and all the tiny details. I’ve had a few snack times to work on it and also brought it to my quilt guild (the first meeting I’ve attended since baby Jon arrived!).



This pattern by All Through the Night Folk Art Designs has been waiting since I picked it up at The Stitchin’ Post’s going-out-of-business sale a couple years ago. I also picked out fabric with a metallic thread woven throughout and a couple floss options. I’m still sad that Stichin’ Post went out of business, since I’ve never lived near a local needlework store before, so I’m back to doing all my buying online.

I had to order more floss from 123 (I went with Spinach, a Color Works variegated green floss), so of course I picked out a couple other patterns for my stash too. I mention all these stores/designers/websites just in case you’re looking for resources if you’re interested in cross stitch… when I got started I had no idea where to look, but there’s so many cool new designers out there! I used to watch Flosstube videos too, but unfortunately don’t have the time anymore… maybe one day. Feel free to share if you have a favorite designer or store!

That’s all for now!


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