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QAYG Cathedral Window Quilt

I’m so happy to finally share this finished quilt: my QAYG Cathedral Windows quilt is done, done, done!

You’ve seen this one repeatedly in WIP Wednesday posts… dating all the way back to 2017!  It was originally intended as a play mat for Amelia but mermaids and frogs and birds are perfect for a baby boy, too!

I followed Quilting in the Rain’s free tutorial, and while it took me quite some time to complete each step, the construction of this quilt was a fun challenge because the Quilt As You Go (QAYG) aspect made the process so different from the traditional way of piecing/quilting/finishing a quilt. I finally got in gear when my guild challenged everyone in January to pledge to finish a WIP… this was mine, and I’m so pleased I finished it before the deadline!

The progress pics are more fun than usual because so many of the background details have changed in a couple short years… my baby has grown into a toddler, my sewing space (& schedule/time to sew, for that matter) moved to several different locations, etc.

A few pics from start to finish:

I used a paper plate from Amelia’s baby shower as a circle template! And before Amelia’s nursery was set up, I used that room as a sewing space. I’m sure I was sleep deprived amid a myriad of other new-parent struggles when I took this pic in 2017, but from the distance of a couple years I’m envious of having that spacious sewing setup AND a pre-mobile baby, ha! Just look at that little nugget!







Cheers to finishing a long overdue WIP, just in time for a new baby to enjoy it!


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