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Baby Blue Quilt

With the big B Day for baby #2 fast approaching, I’m trying to finish up my last few WIP priorities AND get them documented on the blog too! Today I actually have a finish to share… and it’s actually been finished for a couple months.

Baby Blue Quilt  

The last time I made progress on this quilt was at the 2018 Music City MQG retreat. I made a pair of baby quilts, one for a boy and a girl, and then they both sat waiting for a pair of babies to arrive… I really didn’t know who they would be for, but when my dear friend Sommer found out she was pregnant, I sent both quilts to a local longarmer and planned for one of them to go to her new baby.

Amanda did a great job on them both! And as luck would have it… Sommer found out she was having a girl… and then a couple months later, I found out I was having a boy, so both baby quilts found a recipient. And now that baby girl has arrived, I am so happy to share this finished quilt!

I just can’t with how stinkin’ cute this baby is, and her big brother too!!

I’m also so pleased that big brother’s quilt, True Blue, is still going strong (it’s always a nagging worry that my quilt will just completely unravel for some inexplicable reason).

You can see more details on the True Blue quilt from 2016 here!

Here’s a quick look back at the progress of this quilt; it’s been quite an evolution from start to finish!

I started working on a fractured four patch quilt (Square Dance pattern by SewMotion) in 2016 but came to a stopping point when I wasn’t thrilled with the way my two floral prints were working together… plus I accidentally ordered this (beautiful!) Cotton + Steel Rifle Co floral print in lawn instead of 100% cotton, so the fabrics weren’t playing well together.

So! I separated the two floral prints and decided to make two baby quilts instead of one bigger quilt. After getting that far, my friend Emily helped me figure out how to use the pieces I had already put together to create a new layout.

I used the fractured four-patch blocks to construct the center, then added borders, and voila! A sweet baby quilt top ready to go. I used leftover four-patch blocks and some navy blue to make a quick pieced back, and did almost all of the work in a few hours during the Music City MQG retreat in 2018.

via Emily Collins

It’s amazing how a project can stump you for months and then come together so quickly all at once!


Here’s one more look at the front and the back, for documentation’s sake:




This is one of those quilts that felt special from beginning to end, starting with a favorite fabric and muddling around in the middle when the original plan didn’t pan out, to finding the inspiration to get it finished so that a healthy & happy baby could enjoy it.

And because I can’t resist: here’s a sneak peek of the other baby quilt I pieced back in 2018 that is now destined for my own baby… because of course I haven’t actually finished this one yet. But I have a binding date with Emily THIS week and I’m determined to get this one DONE before baby boy arrives!



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