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Franklin City Sights: Noble Springs Dairy Farm

My longtime friend Sarah came for a visit this weekend, and after years of fifteen-minute catch ups, it was great to spend some quality time together! Of course a weekend centered around a toddler’s schedule was spent close to home: walking the neighborhood, dinner downtown, Netflix after bedtime (Kim’s Convenience: very cute!), a visit to a goat farm, and non-stop chatting. I’m not sure if Amelia is teething (molars?), low-key sick all the time from being in school 2 days a week, or just practicing for her Terrible Twos, but she was pretty cranky all weekend long, so don’t be fooled by the photos… we probably documented every single moment she was smiling, ha!
On  Saturday morning we drove to the Lieper’s Fork area of Franklin to check out Noble Springs Dairy. Their farm specializes in goat cheese, and they had a cute fall setup for kids: corn dig, pumpkin patch, corn maze, inflatable bouncy house, and goats to pet, and lots of farm animals to see (not pictured: chickens, pigs, & horses oh my!). Amelia was very excited about the goats and enjoyed shrieking in response to their bleating.
The happy moments were very happy, but we only lasted about half an hour due to the aforementioned crankiness. You win some, you lose some!
Lieper’s Fork is such a cool pocket of Franklin, but it’s pretty rural so we’ve only ventured that way a handful of times. It reminded me that we should go again!
Here’s a look back at previous visits to the art galleries and shopping:
More city sights coming soon as I explore the Nashville area!

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