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A New Sewing Room

I’m still alive… still crafting/reading/mothering… just not in the blogging swing of things, sorry! I’m trying to keep this hobby up, but I have to admit I’m lacking in blogging mojo lately. There’s only so much time in the day, you know? Social media seems like an easier and quicker way to share updates, and then I feel “behind” on the blog. I don’t want to officially stop writing online, but I’m obviously not posting 5x/week anymore. I don’t really have a plan going forward, so we’ll just see how it goes and I’ll try to keep posting when I can get it together.

Anyway, in the spirit of “just keep swimming,” I wanted to share a new rearrangement of my sewing space. I have my Mom to thank for the idea of moving my stuff out of the guest room closet and into the master bedroom. She reminded me to use our space the way that works best, even if it’s not the correct/prettiest/long-term solution. It’s not an ideal situation, but it works!

While it was set up the guest room, I don’t think I used my sewing machine a single time. It was too loud, too cramped, and too close to the nursery, so I was always tiptoeing around if Amelia was sleeping nearby, and the room wasn’t very baby-friendly if she was awake.

I love the new setup!


I finally got to hang up the beautiful sewing organizer that Evelyn made for me!

I was worried that it would feel cluttered and be a safety hazard, but so far it’s working out. Organization is still a work in progress, but the convenience of having it all close by (and further away from the nursery) is a huge plus.


Amelia just started playing with dolls. She loves to cover them with a blanket and pat their backs to put them to bed and then fling off the blanket to say “Wake up!” When Amelia was sick last week, so were her dollies; they got lots of medicine and hugs!

So for my first project to eick off the new sewing arrangement, I made a little sleeping bag and patchwork quilt for her two friends. I had fun choosing fabrics (and using up a mini charm pack that I’ve been holding onto forever), and minky fabric makes them both super soft. I’m sure I’ll be making many more accessories down the road, but this was a fun start!





3 thoughts on “A New Sewing Room

  1. Your blogging mojo will return when you’re good and ready. I left my blog untouched for over a year because life just took over. Sometimes there are more important demands on our time. The new sewing set up looks great!


  2. I love your new sewing space! I’m letting my blog go by the wayside a bit these days too, I can’t tell you what day of the week it is let alone write something sensible. If it’s meant to be it will be I say!


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