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Read Every Day: Week 5 and 6

I’m still reading every day but I’m behind on posting about it… we’ll see if I can keep up the pace or not, but it’s been fun to track my reading! I just got back from the Music City MQG retreat, so while I’m getting back to the routine of life, it’s a good week for catching up on the blog!

You can find these pics in my Instagram Stories too (although they disappear after 24 hours), but on the blog I’m also adding my daily thoughts on what I’m reading.


Here’s a look at what I read in Week 5 & 6 of 2018!

Week 5

Day 29: When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi

So, so good! Reading this every chance I can get.

Day 30: When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi

Finished. The epilogue written posthumously by his wife is so heartbreaking. It makes me wonder what Kalanithi could’ve done with his life if he’d lived longer, and also how we see ourselves differs from how others see us. There’s a lot to ponder.

Day 31: Sourdough, by Robin Sloan

Library haul! I need a light read, so I’m going with Sourdough.

Day 32: Sourdough, by Robin Sloan

This is a fun one! It’s similar to Sloan’s first book, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, in that there’s an underground world hidden in plain sight, but for foodies.

Day 33: Sourdough, by Robin Sloan

Only grabbed a few minutes today thanks to those little hands. Still reading, but not quite as fascinating for me as his first book.

Day 34: Sourdough, by Robin Sloan

Still reading, but slowly.

Week 6

Day 35: Sourdough, by Robin Sloan

Day 36: Sourdough, by Robin Sloan

Day 37: Finish Sourdough, by Robin Sloan. Start Literally Me, by Julie Houghts

I liked Sourdough: it was charming, sweet, and a bit forgettable. I follow Julie Houghts on Instagram & she’s hilarious. Her first book is a collection of illustrations and short stories satirizing modern womanhood.

Day 38: Literally Me, by Julie Houghts

Funny, but dark! Barely had time to read today, but this kind of book is perfect for these kinds of days.

Day 39: Start Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins

New start! I can already tell this book is going to suck me in.

Day 40: Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins

This is the kind of domestic thriller that I have to get out of my system; I’m going to be in a terrible mood the whole time and shirking my responsibilities in favor of reading, but I can’t rest until it’s finished.

Day 41: Finish Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins

Finished! I liked the multiple narrators of each chapter, I liked the intricacies of the mystery, but the characters themselves were mostly despicable. I need a thriller like this to spice up my usual memoir/fiction/nonfiction cycle, but I always feel kind of icky afterwards, like a hangover.

What are you reading in 2018?


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