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Blowing Kisses Valentine + More (No Mess!) Handprint Valentines

I think one of the major reasons I wanted to be a teacher/librarian is the seasonal crafts (I’m dead serious); turns out there’s a lot more to the job than that, ha! But even after my librarian days but pre-motherhood, I couldn’t resist decorating for seasons and holidays, especially valentines. Now that Amelia is here, I have a little crafty buddy and can justify my love for seasonal crafts even more!

Of courseĀ Pinterest abounds with ideas for valentines, but I’m still avoiding the finger paints, which leaves out a lot of options. Maybe next year…

(Check out my Pinterest board of Baby Valentine ideas here!)

For now I’m all about the “no mess” valentines so I’m sticking to tracing handprints. This year Amelia is blowing kisses to her valentines!



  • colored paper (I used a pack of cardstock with a watercolor texture)
  • wallet-sized photo
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • glue stick

Trace and cut the handprint, tape it to a card, and then glue the photo behind the hand, and you’re done!

Obviously I’m still doing most of the work on these crafts… Amelia’s only involvement was offering her hand to trace, but she played her part well!



I looked for a photo that showed Amelia’s whole face, and printed it wallet-sized on regular copy paper, then cut out the background.

Tape down the handprint with clear tape.

Glue the photo onto the card underneath the hand, covering the tape.

Blow a kiss!

Super simple and sweet!

I’ve made a couple other handprint valentines in past years, so here’s a quick roundup!

Last year, for Amelia’s first Valentine’s Day, we made a simple card showcasing her pudgy little hands. (Click here or on the photo to see the original post.)



Just look at that sweet three-month-old nugget!

In 2014 I made these valentines using my own hand – but it would be ever cuter with a child’s handprint. (Click here or on the photo for the original post.)


Trace, cut, glue, done!

If you need more simple, no-mess valentine ideas, check out this post or click on the photo below!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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