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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly check-in on my works in progress!

Winter Carriage Ride Cross Stitch

The second part of the Frosted Pumpkins’ winter-themed pattern was released so I started stitching over the weekend. This pattern only has two parts, which is a relief; three SALs are too many for me! After this one is completed, I’ll have the next jungle animal and another pie to stitch up… and I have a (surprise) gift I’d like to work on soon too. Too many patterns, too little time!





If you love this cross stitch-inspired needle minder made from Anna Maria Horner fabric, a similar one is available in my Lady Katie Stitchery Etsy shop!

Music City MQG 2018 Retreat

Lsat Friday my guild hosted an Open Sew, so as soon as Sam was home from work he took the baby and I set up camp to cut (and chat and eat and laugh, etc.) all night long.

I still have a bit more to cut but I know that doing this ahead of time will let me get right to sewing at the retreat… and uninterrupted sewing time is a rare treat these days!

And that’s all for now!


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