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TBT: Historic Franklin Quilt Show

I went to a local quilt show a couple weeks ago, and since it happened during my blogging break, Throwback Thursday seems like a good day to share some photos and revisit the show hosted by the Cumberland Valley Quilters Association (CVQA) a couple years ago too.
The CVQA has only hosted a quilt show in downtown Franklin twice, and I was lucky to see it both times!
This year I went with my quilty friend Emily, and we had a great time wandering the aisles, admiring the technical skill, browsing the vendors’ booths, and voting for our favorites in each quilt category. The special exhibit was Depression Era quilts, and the quilts on display were amazing. It’s always inspiring to spend some time with art, which I absolutely believe includes quilting!
(Next time I promise to do a better job of writing down the quilters’ names so I can credit each photo, sorry!)
The Depression Era quilt display
Art Quilts
A few favorites – I always love the tiny little details!
Made entirely from mens’ dress shirts!
I saw this one at the Williamson County Fair, and it is so stunning!
And now for some #TBT action! Here’s what I wrote in 2015:
The Cumberland Valley Quilters Association put on a quilt show in downtown Franklin over the weekend with over one hundred quilts displayed, including a Civil War exhibit. So many great quilts!
I’ll let the pictures do the work!
First, the Civil War Quilt Challenge exhibit:
 Dear Jane quilts always blow my mind, and I finally got to see one in person. Every bit is hand stitched and every block is unique – and so teeny tiny!
I think this was my favorite one – can you imagine piecing that star within a star by hand?
I’d love to make a Christmas bear claw quilt like this some day. The black seems super modern, doesn’t it? There was actually a note that Civil War-era quilts didn’t contain much green because the colors were prone to bleed.
The first quilt on the left is made out of neckties! Christine Copenhaver wrote a book about her techniques, Necktie Quilts Reinvented, and she’s brought some neat examples to the Music City Modern Quilt Guild.
The quilts ranged from historical to classic to modern.
This one was made out of novelty fish fabrics, and I love the look from a distance too.
These two were made from the same pattern, with different color palettes. So much intricate piecing!
I spotted another Music City MQG member’s contribution – a mini featuring the curved piecing we learned at one of our meetings. Of course it was quilted beautifully because she’s a longarmer!
The art quilts were amazing, I couldn’t stop staring!
After the show, I stopped by the library… had to check out the Fall book sale, of course!
The Amateur Librarian // Downtown Franklin TN
More city sights coming soon as we explore the Nashville area!

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