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Weekend Adventures

This fall seems to be rushing by already, but we squeezed in some seasonal fun over the weekend while my parents were visiting. Sam and I were lucky enough to sneak in a date night (2 in one week!) to see LCD Soundsystem on Friday night, and after a grand day of window shopping and house projects, Amelia did us all a favor by going to sleep easily for her grandparents while we were out. 

On Saturday, we stopped by Vinyl Tap, a record shop and bar in East Nashville, for lunch with family friends. 

After naps (for everyone!) we walked to our neighborhood Halloween party. Amelia wore her dragon onesie costume and I wore my Mother of Dragons t-shirt – easy least! We didn’t partake in the costume contest or face painting, but we enjoyed the people watching and pumpkin patch photo ops. Next year we’ll be prepared! 

Yesterday Amelia and I tagged along on the drive back to Alabama for a week of fun with the grandparents. I saved some finishes to share this week, so stay tuned!


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