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High Five for Friday

Every Friday I share Five highlights of my week, big and small. This week we celebrated Amelia’s first birthday, so most of my grateful moments focus on her!

Happy Friday!

1 – 1 year. The shortest (& longest) year of all our lives! This little baby has changed so much in 12 months and it was a joy to celebrate her birthday this week.

2 – Mississippi. We always have fun visiting family in MS, and Amelia’s first birthday party was no exception. She loved the balloons, the singing, and especially the ice cream!

3 – Finish! Right in the nick of time.

4 – Toddler Toys. Amelia is lucky to be so loved, and she got lots of fun toys like this trike!

5 – Raffi. I have a soft spot for Raffi and after getting a couple CDs for the car, I’m discovering many more songs than I remember from childhood. When cell service disappeared, this was the only album I had downloaded on my phone and it got us through two long car rides!


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