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3 Super Simple Life Hacks

Sometimes it really is the simplest, easiest fixes that make the biggest difference. Here are three little life hacks that are saving my sanity right now!

You can thank my parents for inspiring these hacks – they were all completed during their visit a couple weeks ago. Add it to the mile-long list of things for which I owe them a thank you note!

Life Hack #1: Adhesive Velcro

Every time the porch door opened or closed, the blinds banged against the door. How many times a day did that grate on my nerves? Just ask the cats how many times they need to go inside or outside or back inside again. TOO MANY TIMES, that’s how many.

How long did it take to add two strips of adhesive velcro? About two minutes.

(Thanks, Dad!!)

The blinds are still adjustable and the adhesive is easily removed if we ever need to adjust it. (You can buy a roll of velcro or a pack of 3M strips.)

I never even thought of velcro as the solution, even though I had used it myself to keep the silverware organizer from sliding back and forth in the drawer. (I picked up that tip from Young House Love’s podcast. They also use velcro strips on the back of picture frames to keep them straight, another genius hack!)

Life Hack #2: White Vinegar

Some things are tricky to clean, or I don’t even think to clean them, until all of a sudden I notice that they’re disgusting. For instance, the pull-down nozzle on the kitchen sink faucet. The little holes for the spray function were all gunked up, and I don’t want to think about how long I’ve been inadvertently spraying bits of who-knows-what on my dishes when I thought I was cleaning them!

My Mom mentioned that white vinegar could clear it up, so I didn’t even wait to find a Pinterest-worthy recipe and just grabbed the supplies: a plastic baggie, a rubber band, and white vinegar. Add water and attach like so:

In about an hour, that water was quite murky (yikes!) but the faucet was clean!

Life Hack #3: Dog Waste Bags

Guess what’s just the right size for concealing a dirty diaper? And also happens to be portable, cheap, and easy to buy in bulk? Doggy poop bags!

Stick a roll in your diaper bag and you’ll never have to awkwardly hide a smelly diaper in your bag until you can find a trash can again.

If you have any super easy hacks to share, I’m all ears!


6 thoughts on “3 Super Simple Life Hacks

  1. you can use a drier sheet to dust and it helps to keep dust from building back up 🙂 I wouldn’t use it on anything that could easily scratch, but for baseboards and fan blades it helps!


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