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Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: August 2017

I thought I was taking a break from yearlong cross stitch projects, but those sneaky Frosted Pumpkins caught me at a weak moment by debuting a new mystery SAL during my birthday month… and the thought of chronicling my 30th year with adorable kawaii pies was too cute to resist! So here I am again with a monthly update on my progress.

You can check out my completed yearlong cross stitch projects here:

Once Upon a Time in 2014

Woodland Creatures in 2015

Pumpkin Passport in 2016

The pie released in August was Oreo Cream pie. I didn’t have time this month to use the recipe, but the cross stitch looks good enough to eat! I love the chocolate swirl and oreo cookie poking out from the top. I’m also loving how quickly these pies stitch up – it’s nice to have an easy breezy project to work on that doesn’t take all month to finish! I didn’t have much time to work on the border, but there’s still plenty of time left for that.

A few progress pics:






The finished pies:

May – Chocolate Cream Pie


June – Key Lime Pie


July – Blueberry Pie


August – Oreo Cream Pie


Four months down, eight to go… stay tuned!


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