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High Five For Friday 

Another Friday, another high five! Every week I share Five highlights, big and small. 

Happy Friday!

1 – Solar Eclipse. We were lucky to love be close enough to the Path of Totality that we could watch the eclipse in our backyard, and it was so cool!

2 – Road Trip. Amelia loves a visit from her grandparents! We’re leaving town tomorrow to stay in AL for a week, and I’m looking forward to a change in routine!

3 – Sew Day. I hosted another Sew Day with a quilty friend and worked a bit on my Paint Chip Challenge mini quilt. Hopefully I’ll get it done before the September meeting!

4 – Facebook. I added a few new toys to Amelia’s arsenal for next to nothing thanks to the neighborhood Facebook group. 

5 – BabyLit. I couldn’t resist the newest release!


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