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Franklin City Sights: Hot Air Balloon Festival

Over the weekend we stumbled upon a fun little festival in Franklin: the 2nd Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival! We’re always looking for an excuse to eat dinner from a food truck, so we hopped in the car after Amelia woke up from her nap, and spent a few hours eating, people watching, and observing the hot air balloons by the lake at Westhaven. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night!
Amelia doesn’t mind lines as long as there are plenty of people to watch… we had a hard time getting her to actually look at the camera because she was so distracted!
The balloons went up s l o w l y over the course of 2 hours… we watched 1 inflate…
Then balloon #2… and 3…
And then there were five!
I thought the event was supposed to end by 8:30 but they were still adding more balloons to the mix by the time bedtime came and went… and a sleepy baby became a cranky baby… so we headed out before the “glow” on the lake could commence. Not sure what we missed (other than a stampede of traffic), but maybe we’ll stay long enough to find out next year!
Amelia was entertained for a few hours, so I’m calling that a successful outing.
Note to self: If you forget a picnic blanket, a travel-sized diaper changing mat will work in a pinch 😉
By the end, Amelia could barely keep her eyes open, but she refused to close them as long as the party was still going on!
Nine months old is such a fun age as it gets easier to go on mini adventures. More city sights coming soon as I explore the Nashville area!

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