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High Five for Friday

Another Friday, another high five! Sharing five highlights from the week is my reminder to stay grateful for the little things.


1 – Crawling! Amelia has been so, so close to crawling for a couple months but she never seemed motivated enough to actually do it. Over the weekend it finally clicked, and now she’s crawling all over the place!

2 – Sew Day. It’s always a treat to have my friend Emily over for a day of sewing, and I made a lot of progress on the Round Robin quilt I’m working on… but I have to admit it was a lot trickier to keep Amelia entertained (and safe!) now that she’s mobile.

3 – Blueberry Pie. This pie didn’t last two days before I ate it all… yum! It was fun to make the Frosted Pumpkins’ recipe to match the cross stitch pattern.

4 – Sprinkle Pool. My mom sent this sprinkle pool as a surprise, and Amelia loved it! It kept her entertained longer than a baby pool, and I’m sure we’ll spend plenty more summer afternoons splashing in it.

5 – Blank Slate. I’m finally ready to start thinking about moving Amelia out of our bedroom and into her own room… and that also means moving all of my sewing stuff that’s been in the room. Yesterday I cleared everything out and found a new spot for my sewing machine in the third bedroom… and now we have a blank slate ready for Amelia’s nursery!



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