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Beekeeper Cross Stitch Cube Finish

Remember the adorable Beekeeper cross stitch I stitched a few months ago? It’s been sitting in a pile of finished cross stitch patterns waiting to be framed, until the Frosted Pumpkins shared a tutorial for a standing cub finish. I couldn’t resist trying it out, so today I have a FFO (Fully Finished Object) to share!

I wish I could link to the Frosted Pumpkin’s tutorial, but it’s in a closed group that you have to request to join, but here’s a link to a similar tutorial on Youtube (and if you want to join the Facebook group, click here!).

First, I gathered supplies:

  • foam cube (found in the floral section)
  • applique pins
  • fabric
  • ribbon
  • embellishments (I chose silk flowers meant to be hat decorations)

Narrowing down the choices was the hardest part!



It was really pretty simple: wrap the aida fabric around the cube, and pin in place. Make sure the folded fabric is on the side of the cube, not on the top or bottom so the cube will be stable. Wrap the fabric around the back of the cube in the same way, and pin in place. Add a ribbon to cover the seam between the aida and fabric, pinning in place on the bottom of the cube. Pin embellishments on top.

Ta da!

(Can you tell I bought a few pieces of scrapbook paper while I was at JoAnn’s?)

This was such a quick and easy way to finish a cross stitch! I already have plans to finish the Trick or Treat and Merry and Bright patterns in the same way, and I think they’ll be super cute additions to my holiday decor. I love having an option other than framing, but if I ever decide to do something different with it, it’s easy enough to remove the pins.


What do you do with a standing cube? Plop it down anywhere you want! I’m looking at it right this very moment while I type away on this post.

I’m linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish Friday.


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