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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’ve been sharing five highlights of my week for five years, and no matter how small the moments may be, they remind me to stay grateful.

1 – Shop Hop. Putting a list of priorities together helped me stay focused at this year’s Quilt Shop Hop, AND it got me excited to make something with my new fabric!

2 – Video Monitor. The only Prime Day purchase we made this year was for this video monitor, and after a week I don’t know how I ever lived without it! The camera was super easy to set up, the phone app is great (and Sam can check in from work, which he loves), and for under $50 it was a great deal.

3 – Game of Thrones Season 7. After over a year of waiting, I’m sooo excited that GOT is back. The Nerdettes with Peter Sagal are my new favorite recap podcast, along with my old standby Post Show Recaps (Josh Wigler is the best!).

4 – Operation Beefy Baby. I’m on a mission to add more protein to baby’s diet; Amelia loves the taste of this Sprout pouch and I love how mess-free and convenient it is, so I’m calling that a Win.

5 – Fairy Garden. I can’t even lie, this is more for me than Amelia. I just had to add this little fairy house to our “rock garden” out front. I limited myself to one but now I have a reason to start collecting little accessories.


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