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3rd Annual Quilt Shop Hop

My favorite guild meeting is the annual Shop Hop, and this year did not disappoint!
I’ve been on a fabric fast for the past few months in preparation… and the wait was worth it. The itinerary included four quilt shops in the area which ran special discounts for our group, and (as usual) it was fun to chat and shop all day long. I could only make it to 3 of the 4 shops, but I’m counting a visit to Craft South as an unofficial stop since I was just there the previous weekend.
If you want to check out our previous two shop hops, look here:
Quilting Squares, Craft South, The Fabric Studio, Quilter’s Attic, and Stitcher’s Garden
Quilting Squares, The Dancing Bobbin, Textile Fabrics, Craft South, and Stitcher’s Garden
This year I actually made a list of projects that I’m planning, and what fabric I need. My mantra: solids, solids, solids! I have way too many novelty prints but never enough solids or yardage.
2017 Music City MQG Shop Hop 
Here we go!
This adorable shop is always our first stop! They have a smaller selection of fabric but lots of notions, patterns, and the friendliest staff ever. They spoil us with refreshments and discounts, but I must have been super focused on my list because I forgot to take any photos inside… oops!
What I took home:
The Dancing Bobbin Quilt Shop – Spring Hill, TN
I don’t usually travel to Spring Hill, but it’s really only 20 minutes south of Franklin and I always find a lot to love here. They have a great selection of fabric and you can always find lots of fun discounts on their social media accounts. They really pack a punch into two tiny rooms!
Here’s what I took home:
I missed out on lunch and Granny B’s in Dickson, since I needed to go home and feed the baby. Here’s a group shot that I lifted from Instagram.
The last stop of the day! I haven’t been by this shop lately because I’m not in the market for a new machine (all the Berninas they carry are sooo nice!), but they’ve added a TON of fabric in the past couple years. I was a little shopped out by this point, but I noted that they have a ton of basics and baby fabric, so I’m sure I’ll be back soon. Plus, Betty from Guild works there!
Here’s what I brought home:
Craft South – Nashville, TN
This shop wasn’t on the itinerary, but I’m counting it as my unofficial 4th stop, since I was there with Emily  the weekend before the Shop Hop (to take advantage of their sale on yardage). Their stock doesn’t change too much but they always have the cutest prints from the coolest designers. And it’s not just geared toward quilters, there’s a craft for everyone! I always love checking out what they have on display.
 What I brought home:
I’m so glad I made a list beforehand, because it kept me focused. Of course I bought a few things because I just couldn’t resist, but I’m all set with fabric for the projects I want to work on next.
Whew, now I need to get to work!

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