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Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: May 2017

I thought I was taking a break from yearlong cross stitch projects, but those sneaky Frosted Pumpkins caught me at a weak moment by debuting a new mystery SAL during my birthday month… and the thought of chronicling my 30th year with adorable kawaii pies was too cute to resist! So here I am again with a monthly update on my progress.

If you’re interested, you can check out my completed yearlong cross stitch projects here:

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May was the first month of the Sweet as Pie SAL, and the first pie released was the Chocolate Cream Pie. The entire frame was also included in the first clue, but I’m going to work on that as I go throughout the year. One reason I decided not to do a yearlong project after three straight years was to leave space for other projects I’d like to work on, so I’m trying to stitch on the Sweet as Pie SAL during the second half of each month, and work on something else for the first half of each new month, before the next clue is released.

I’m a little burned out on sweets after quite a lot of brithday celebrating… but one of these months I’ll try my hand at the pie recipe that’s included with each new clue. I already love the direction this SAL is going in, and I can’t wait to see what comes in June!


A few progress pics:











The first finished pie:

May – Chocolate Cream Pie

One months down, eleven to go… stay tuned!


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