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High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Once again, High Five for Friday features five highlights of the week, my way of focusing on the little things that remind me to stay grateful.



1 – 30. I had such a great birthday thanks to a visit from my Mom and bro, plus a huge slice of cheesecake when I’m sad that we live far away.

2 – Pool Time. Amelia is a little fish and loves the water! It was fun to take her to the pool for the first time, especially with Mom and Brock there to enjoy a “first” with us.

3 – Stitchin’ Post. My local needlework shop is closing, so I’ve been wanting to visit one last time; we made a day out of it by following our shopping trip with a lunch date in Nashville with Sam. I picked up a few patterns and fabric, but it was mostly fun to browse and window shop.

4 – Lunch Date. It’s always a treat to deviate from the routine, say hi to Sam’s co-workers, and eat out for lunch at Grilled Cheeserie (but I have to admit I got super excited… and then bummed… when I saw that Biscuit Love is opening a new location near Sam’s office but it’s not quite ready yet).

5 – Gifts. Amelia’s presence is always my favorite present, but I was super duper spoiled this year by everyone else too., from fun things for home (like a mixing bowl I desperately need, and a milk frother for homemade chai lattes from my parents), to crafty endeavors (like the Mom & Me knitting book from my brother), and technology that I’ll use every day (air pods for our daily walks from Sam) were the icing on my birthday cake.


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