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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress 🙂

Citrus Biscornu Cross Stitch

I haven’t made too much progress on this since we were out of town for a few days, but I’m working on it when I have time to pick it up. To make the biscornu (an eight-sided pincushion), you stitch two pieces and then hand sew them together before filling with stuffing. When it comes time to finish it, I plan to use Satsuma Street’s tutorial, and I’m sure there are plenty of others available online. We’ll see if I can finish both sides before next week (when the first clue of the Sweet as Pie Club is released)… might be wishful thinking!



Quilted Drink Coasters

I made a few of these before we left town last week but I still have a small mountain to go! These will replace the old stone coasters in our living room, and if I can finish this batch before my parents visit again, a few will go home with them too. (And maybe I’ll get a refreshed tutorial up!)

And that’s about it!


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