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Flower Fix

We wrapped up another weeklong visit to Alabama over the weekend, and had to say goodbye to my parents on Easter. I hate goodbyes! Especially after a week of strong coffee, homemade meals, pond views, shopping, and baby smiles; and especially when it’s raining and Amelia’s 6 month shots are due in a few hours. Welcome to Monday!

But April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, right? Thanks to my parents, the flowers are already here! Before they left on Sunday, we picked out marigolds, lavender, and dianthus to plant in our front flower bed.

Dad did the hard work of digging in the tough clay soil, and Amelia did the supervising.


After weeding, planting, mulching, and watering, the front of the house is looking freshened for Spring!



I always get the gardening bug this time of year but usually not much comes of it. I tend to get paralyzed thinking about all the options and never actually get started (online shopping does that to me too!) but Easter was the perfect day to get my flower fix. Thanks, Grandmom and Grandpop!




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