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WIP Wednesday… and a poll!

Another weekly update on my current Work in Progress 🙂

Round Robin Quilt

My quilt guild is doing a Round Robin quilt this year – there are six to a team, and we’re bringing the center of the quilt to this month’s meeting to get started.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Six people per group = 6 months of the Round Robin. If you cannot be at a meeting, please mail or deliver your quilt top to the meeting via a friend. You can always mail it to me and I will bring it to get meeting and get yours to you.
2. You can use a strip or a center block to begin your quilt. Please bring this to the Feb. 18th meeting.
3. For a block, a minimum of 10″ and a maximum of 16″ seems about right. For a strip, a minimum of 6 – 10″ could be good. Feel free to change the sizes if you want a wall hanging or baby quilt. The largest quilt should be lap-sized.
4. No patterns, just a size and preferred colors. The idea is to see how each quilter adds to/changes the original block. Lots of creative ideas this way!! Remember even if you have preferred colors, your swap partner may see things differently. That is what makes it fun!
5. Quilt shop quality fabric. Optional: bring fabric you want to see in your swap for your swap partner, but your partner is not required to use your fabric and can just pass it on to the next person.


I decided to start my quilt with a wonky star, with Amelia’s initial in the center. I love the Joie de Vivre Joyeaux alphabet fabric, so I started with that and pulled low volume prints (Tula Pink and Heather Ross) for the star, and green Heather Ross prints for the background.

The Amateur Librarian // Round Robin Quilt

But then I got stuck… and that’s where the poll comes in!

The Amateur Librarian // Round Robin Quilt


At first I was going to go with 2 different green prints, but the more I look at the block the more I want to keep it simple with only one background fabric. But I can’t decide… should I go with the strawberries (top left) or the bees (bottom left) for the background? Help me out!

Either way, I’m excited to see what happens with this quilt! I’ve never done a Round Robin before, but half the fun is giving up control. Plus, having a six-month challenge will keep me in the sewing room.

Bee Keeper Cross Stitch

I thought for sure I’d have this one done by now, but a teething baby = no naps! If the Nap Gods smile today, maybe I’ll have a finish soon.

The Amateur Librarian // The Bee Keeper Cross Stitch


The Amateur Librarian // The Bee Keeper Cross Stitch

I don’t have a plan for finishing this one, but I’m on the lookout for a cute frame or shadow box.

And that’s about it!


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