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What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Today marks the halfway point of the winter season, and I’m joining Modern Mrs. Darcy for the second year to share a list of things that are keeping me sane.

I love what she has to say:

This is a tough time of year for a lot of us. The days are short, and relentlessly dreary. Everyone has the flu, or if they’re lucky, the sniffles. Budgets are tight. And spring feels a long way away.

Winter is a challenging season for me. To preserve my sanity during the cold and grey days, I adopted a habit a few years back. I started keeping a list—an actual, physical, pen-and-paper list—of the things that were actively giving me life in my least favorite season.

The idea comes from author Barbara Brown Taylor. In her memoir Leaving Church, Taylor tells about a time she was invited to speak, and her host assigned her this topic: “Tell us what is saving your life right now.”

Most of us know what’s killing us, and can articulate it, if asked. Some of us are overwhelmed with hurry and worry; some of us face crushing poverty; some feel utterly paralyzed.

But few of us stop to note what’s giving us life. Taylor says it’s too good a question to not revisit every once in a while: what are the things—big or small—that are saving us?

Everything is a first with a new baby, and winter is no exception. It’s tempting to hibernate, and getting out and about is a lot more challenging these days, but it’s worth it! So here’s a short list of the big and small (mostly small) things that are saving my sanity this season:

  • moving every day
    I finally found a good neighborhood route that takes about 35 minutes to walk 2 miles, up and down a few hills, and some days it’s the only time I get out of the house. I have a chance to listen to a podcast (or silence!) and it nearly always puts Amelia right to sleep. We’ve been known to take 2 walks on fussy days, ha! Luckily the weather hasn’t been too cold to skip a walk yet, but on rainy days I pull out the Mommy and Baby Yoga videos on Youtube.
  • hot tea
    Every morning. I got an electric kettle last winter and after it sat unused all summer long, it’s finally back in business. And if I’m running errands in the car, a tall chai tea latte To Go is the ultimate indulgence.
    The Amateur Librarian // A Day in the Life
  • naptime
    Some days are better than others, but I try to do something for myself during naps – a long shower, cross stitching, reading, texting a friend. (Of course I also have to do the mundane stuff like email, bills, and phone calls, but I try to do as much of that stuff as possible while wearing the baby… it’s all a learning experience for her, right?)

    The Amateur Librarian // Pumpkin Passport Cross Stitch
  • Birchbox
    I enjoy the monthly beauty samples all year long, but in the winter I really love the face masks and pampering products that I’d never buy for myself. In the five minutes to myself if the shower each day, it’s downright luxurious. 
  • uniform
    Now that I’m at home full-time and nursing (on demand = also full-time!), I wear pretty much the same thing every day: leggings + plaid button-up. It definitely makes getting dressed in the morning easy! Even though I’m only using a third of my closet, I’m not sure when/if I’ll go back to work and when/if I’ll be done breastfeeding, so I’m trying not to buy anything new or purge until this season has passed.

    The Amateur Librarian // 3 Months

  • baby smiles
    I’ll do just about anything to make that baby smile, and that is making me smile a lot these days… plus blowing raspberries, making funny faces, singing silly songs, and kissing this sweet face. On long, tired days, Amelia reminds me of why I’m here.
    The Amateur Librarian // 3 Months

And here’s a look back at my list from 2015 (quite a few similarities!):


  • flannel sheets
    Thanks to my Mama, new flannel sheets on the bed are keeping me cozy every night.
  • construction zone walks
    When the weather is warm enough, I’ve been going on walks around the neighborhood. The upside to living in a construction zone is that there’s always new progress to see.The Amateur Librarian
  • baking
    I don’t bake as often as I used to, but I definitely feel the urge to bake when it’s cold out. Yesterday I made banana bread and the whole process from ingredients to eating was so comforting.The Amateur Librarian
  • library holds
    I go to the library at least once a week to pick up new holds, (sometimes it still amazes me that I can read so much for free) and winter is the perfect time for reading heftier books.
  • morning tea
    I’ve started drinking tea every morning at work, and it’s so nice to have something hot on hand while tackling the first round of email. I’ve never been a regular coffee drinker, but I definitely get the appeal of a morning ritual.The Amateur Librarian
  • pampering
    My skin gets really dry in the winter, so I try to keep up with chapstick, lotion, and occasional face masks.The Amateur Librarian
  • chai tea latte
    I only allow myself to have this treat once a week or so, but it’s my favorite winter drink.
  • make something (anything)
    I’ve mentioned that I haven’t felt inspired to quilt lately, but making something always helps me feel better. I jumped into the Pixelated Heart QAL on Instagram and just starting something new has been a great spark of motivation.The Amateur Librarian // Pixelated Heart Quilt
  • laugh
    Lately I’ve been craving funny media. A few favorites: podcasts (The Popcast is a new favorite), movies (caught Pretty Woman on TV the other day and forgot how much I enjoyed it when Julia Roberts shows up the snooty Rodeo Drive saleswomen), TV (finally binged on Master of None from start to finish), stand-up comedy (also finally watched John Mulaney’s special The Comeback Kid and loved it), etc. Seeking out laughter is always a good thing.


What’s saving your life right now?


5 thoughts on “What’s Saving My Life Right Now

  1. books with humour! I am counting down; all kids back at school next week, my boss is in Frankfurt for 2 weeks so no interruptions to my routine, four more weeks of Si’s tag refereeing taking up 4-5 evenings a week. Life is really busy right now.


  2. hey, Wednesday mornings are totally free for Jay and me (and some Thursday mornings). Either you could come over here or we could come over there and visit. I would not mind if you ran errands or whatever. Just text me or message me on IG.


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