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I always have a pile of books in the “Still Reading” category of my Reading Logs each month, but I’m usually actively reading 2-3 books at a time and some books languish for months before I pick them up again.
I haven’t done one of these in a while, but here’s a look at the books I’m reading right now!
…Breakfast Book…
The Amateur Librarian // September 2016 Reading Log
I put a bunch of graphic novels on my library hold list and they all came up at once, so lately I’ve been reading the latest batch at breakfast each morning and they’re perfect during quick bites or a leisurely weekend lunch. Smile is the story of the illustrator’s saga with braces but also coming of age in San Francisco in the 90s, and it’s super sweet.
Related: I just finished the first two volumes in the Lumberjanes series (The Kitten Holy and Friendship to the Max), and they were really fun. I wasn’t sure if I’d want to commit to a neverending series (even though they’re super quick), but the second one convinced me to keep going, so Volume 3: A Terrible Plan goes on the hold list!
The Amateur Librarian // September 2016 Reading Log
…On the Kindle…

You Learn by Living, by Eleanor Roosevelt

The Amateur Librarian // August 2016 Reading Log
I’ve been trying to read this during long waits at the doctor’s office instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media. Eleanor Roosevelt’s steady voice is soothing and surprisingly contemporary.

The Amateur Librarian // September 2016 Reading Log
Brief synopsis: A young woman moves to the big city and gets sucked into the drama and drugs of the staff when she gets a job at an exclusive restaurant. I’m about 50% done with this audiobook and I still can’t decide if I want to finish it or not. It’s well-written but the plot is pretty thin. I’ve heard so much buzz about how good this one is that I finally caved and read Amazon reviews just to see if there was something I was missing. This review made me laugh and sums up how I’m feeling so far:  “She writes great sentences but the plot is a big who cares.”
Still, I haven’t returned it to the library yet so I’ll reserve judgement until I finish it or give up.
…Library Book…
The Amateur Librarian // September 2016 Reading Log
I just started this yesterday, so I don’t have much of an opinion yet, but the trifecta of my mild obsession with Truman Capote, seeing the cover in every airport bookstore I passed this summer, and then a rec from a friend finally convinced me to add this to my library hold list. Sometimes it’s nice to let the library decide what book to read next depending on what comes up first in the queue. I’m excited to get into this one!

What are you reading right now?


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