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Sewing for Baby

Pregnancy has surprised me in a lot of ways – not just the physical reality of growing a baby, but the way I personally have reacted to this major life change. I thought I would be the type to set up the nursery super early, decorate everything in sight, document my symptoms (and growing belly) every single week, “flaunt the bump” in maternity clothes, pick out a name immediately, etc. But in fact, here we are at 35 weeks and we just assembled the basics last weekend, I wear the same couple loose dresses on repeat (more written here about stretching my non-maternity wardrobe), we STILL don’t have a final name picked out (but there’s a top contender at least!), and I haven’t done any Pinterest-inspired projects at all. The procrastination isn’t due to a lack of excitement, there’s just a lot to do and think about to get ready!
But now that we’re in the final stretch, the fun stuff seems like a good distraction from the reality that is fast approaching… which leads to Pinterest, of course! I started looking for a good tutorial for a crib skirt, which soon led me down the rabbit hole of decor ideas. The possibilities are endless, but I’m sticking with simple sewing projects for the nursery.
Below are a few of my favorite pins… I probably won’t have time to get to many (or any?) of these but a girl can dream.
Crib Skirt Tutorials
 Fitted Crib Sheets
Changing Pad Cover
Car Seat/Nursing Cover
Hooded Bath Towel
Baby Clothes
 Door Latch cover
Teething Ring
Blackout Curtains
Even if I don’t get to actually make any of these projects before baby arrives, there’s plenty of time after she’s here. And if you want more ideas, check out my Pinterest boards here.

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