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High Five for Friday!

I’m sharing the highlights of my week… five to be exact!  Focusing on five little things that made me happy is my way of recapping the week and a reminder to stay grateful.

The Amateur Librarian // H54F The Amateur Librarian // H54F

1 – Found! So happy that Tali’s big adventure ended less than 24 hours after she went missing… who knows where she went, but she hasn’t left the yard since she got back.

2 – Baby Carrot. My parents are visiting (again!) for the big anatomy ultrasound and I’m excited to see baby girl again today! At 21 weeks she’s the size of a carrot and weighing in at 12 oz.

3 – Summer Beach Day. A new mystery pattern from the Pumpkins released last week and the kit arrived this week… can’t wait to get started! It goes with one of my favorite projects from last year (see the Autumn Harvest Festival here) and of course I want to collect all four seasons now 🙂

4 – Blooming. We got our hands dirty refreshing the mulch in our front yard and the baby hydrangea blooms are so cute!

5 – Gingham. Binding is not my favorite… but I’m excited to get three baby quilts finished up so I can finally send them off!


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