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Meow Monday: Home Alone

I don’t have any new pics of the cats, so here are a few past favorites. We left them alone for the first time this weekend while we traveled to a wedding. It was just one night, but I’m always a little nervous to find out if there will be any damage when we return… and happily, there was not!

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Today a carpenter is coming by the house to help us figure out where to install some cat doors. We’re planning on one door from the living room to the screened porch, and another from the porch to the great outdoors.

I am so excited to get Operation: Outside Cats underway! Of course they’ll still be indoors for the most part, but I think they’ll be a lot happier with access to the outdoors too. Eventually the plan is to get rid of the litter boxes which will certainly make me (and our air quality) a lot happier.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

I’m a little nervous about cars and construction equipment in our neighborhood (dogs are on leashes at least), but they’ve been outside cats before and I trust that they’re wary of loud noises, plus they have the safe haven of the screened porch if needed.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

So that’s a little update on the cats… stay tuned for more exciting adventures, ha!


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