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Meow Monday: In and Out

The cats love going outside onto the screened porch, no matter how cold it is or how much we’d rather not have a draft in the house. Currently, Cora’s method for letting us know she wants to go outside is to rattle the blinds until one of us either sprays her with the water bottle or has mercy and cracks open the door. Then she promptly rolls around on the cement floor, and Tali joins her for some fresh air.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Cats are weird.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday


We’re brainstorming solutions for allowing the cats to get outside without our assistance… because of the tempered glass panel, we can’t insert a cat door directly into the patio door, so we’re looking into cat doors that can be installed through an exterior wall. Eventually I’d love for them to be indoor/outdoor cats again so we can eliminate the litter boxes… but we might have to wait for the weather to warm up.

The Amateur Librarian // Meow Monday

Whatever we work out, in the meantime these cats love their fresh air any way they can get it.


One thought on “Meow Monday: In and Out

  1. My cat does this, too. When it’s too cold to let him go outside, but he REALLY wants to go out (he jumps up on the dining table which is in front of the sliding glass door) we let him go out into the garage (no screened porch, unfortunately) and he rolls around on the cold concrete floor, and hangs out in the garage for a while. Wish we had a nice screened porch like yours.


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