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Valentine’s Day is a Week Away!

Somehow V Day always sneaks up on me. I’m working on a Pixelated Heart quilt, but other than that plans for this year are minimal. I’m looking back at past years’ on the blog for some inspiration… so here’s a quick roundup of all Valentine-related posts:




The Amateur Librarian // Owl Always Love You Cross Stitch

Owl Always Love You cross stitch

The Amateur Librarian // Lovebird Valentines

Be My Tweet Heart!

The Amateur Librarian // Sign Language Valentines

Sign Language Valentines

Bee Mine Beeswax Valentine

You can count on me when things get sticky! Blow Pop Valentine

Doily Wrapping Paper

Cyclops Valentine

Love Boats

You’re a Hoot Valentine

Paper Heart Chain

Purr-fect Valentine

Seed Packet Valentine

Sole Mate Valentine

Vintage Valentine Banner // The Amateur Librarian

Valentine Clothesline Photo Gallery

Valentine Garland

Vintage Valentine Banner // The Amateur Librarian

Vintage Valentine Banner

Woven Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Amateur Librarian // Happy Valentine's Day!


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